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Author: Subject: Douglas Shadow Gold (Les Paul copy)

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posted on 22-7-2007 at 02:00 AM
Douglas Shadow Gold (Les Paul copy)

I just received my Douglas Shadow Gold yesterday. Overall I'm impressed. I paid $109 for it, and it shipped in just over a week (I'm in Utah, this is normal shipping for me).

The guitar looks good. I love the deep gold finish on the front. The binding around the body and neck is done well. The fretboard feels good, and the fretwork is excellent, much better than on other "cheap" guitars I've had, even better than on my Agile AL-2000. Nice and smooth. The finish all around is good looking with one caveat(see below).

The feel of this guitar is good. It is 'slightly' lighter weight than either my agile or epiphone les pauls. The body is also slimmer than my other les pauls. The heel of the neck is also thinner as well, it does not extend down as far as my other agiles. In my mind these are all good things. The guitar balances well on both my knee and with a strap, although I think I will replace the strap knobs. A lesser strap may slip off. Even though the neck is a bolt-on, it feels nice and solid, strong.

Being made of Alder, and having more inexpensive pickups, the guitar sounds much brighter than my epiphone or agile. It still has a great meaty Les Paul punch to it. It sounds like a les paul. The thing I really like about this guitar is the range of sounds from the two pickups. The bridge pickup is nice and biting, the neck pickup is warm and jazzy. I'm actually surprised at how great this guitar sounds. It sounds much better than a $100 guitar should.

Here's the one caveat, my fault not, Rondo's. When the UPS guy delivered the guitar I accidentally dropped the box on the headstock end. So not cool. When I opened the box the guitar had suffered some damage (chipped finish) to the headstock, and to the sides of the fretboard (again chipped finished). The rest of the guitar is perfect so I figured I must have caused the damage when I dropped the guitar. I've already "fixed" the damage with a black permanent marker and some epoxy to fill in the rough spots. Unless you knew the damage was there, you would have to get really close to see it. The nice thing: The guitar was only $100! I didn't cry about it last night.

Conclusion: Good Guitar for 2 or 3 or even 4 times the money. I've spent more and gotten less on a guitar. Should you save up your money for an Agile AL-2000? Sure. Do you have to? No. The Agile is a better guitar, but the douglas is still very very good. It's a great addition to my collection. It'll be added to my gigging rotation along with my epiphones, and Agiles. It looks good and it sounds good as well. The only problem I see is that it looks much more expensive than it is, maybe the likelihood of it getting stolen will go up because of that.

[img] Shadow Gold.jpg[/img]

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Douglas Shadow Gold (Les Paul Copy)
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posted on 16-9-2007 at 05:19 PM

Thanks for the review. My boys and I are looking at these. I'd love a goldtop something.

I've got an '82 CSB LP Custom but that will never stop me from looking at some true bargains out there. Amazing what a kid just starting out could get for a couple of bills. Nothing like it was in the early 80's I'll tell ya. :eek3:
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